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ATTADD1SYD   Activity Therapy Staff Training-Alzheimer's/Dementia Sydney 2018
ATTADCK2   Activity Therapy Staff Training-Alzheimers/Dementia Cork Wed 9th Oct 2019
ATTADD2   Activity Therapy Staff Training-Alzheimers/Dementia Dublin Fri 12th July 2019
ATTADD1   Activity Therapy Staff Training-Alzheimers/Dementia Dublin Wednesday 25th September 2019
ATTADMY1   Activity Therapy Staff Training-Alzheimers/Dementia Mayo Wed 2nd Oct 2019
ATWSAD   Activity Therapy Workshops-Alzheimers/Dementia
ACDAP1   An Choill Draíochta Pacáiste Gníomhaíocht A
ACDAP2   An Choill Draíochta Pacáiste Gníomhaíocht B
ACDAP3   An Choill Draíochta Pacáiste Gníomhaíocht C
ACDAP4   An Choill Draíochta Pacáiste Gníomhaíocht D
ACDCD   An Choill Draíochta CD
ACDWS   An Choill Draíochta Ceardlann
ACDMp3   An Choill Draíochta Mp3 Download
AromaDiffuser   Aroma Diffuser, Humidifier and Night-Light
TEFNMP3   Den Enchanted Skog MP3
TEFNMP4   Den Fortrollade Skogen MP3
DZAP1   Der Zauberwald Activity Pack A
DZAP2   Der Zauberwald Activity Pack B
DZAP3   Der Zauberwald Activity Pack C
DZAP4   Der Zauberwald Activity Pack D
DZMp3   Der Zauberwald Mp3 Download
TEFWSEO   Essential Oils for Enchanted Forest Workshops
Geranium   ImaginationGYM Geranium Essential Oil
Lavender   ImaginationGYM Lavender Essential Oil
Lemongrass   ImaginationGYM Lemongrass Essential Oil
Rosewood   ImaginationGYM Rosewood Essential Oil
KinTrain   Kinesiology Training Course
LamCards   Laminated Cards for Adult Care Workshops
CUC2016-1   Level 1 AD Update Course - Senior Care Friday 27th September 2019
LMCD   Loutto Mettsa CD
LMCDAB   Loutto Mettsa CD & Activity Book Pack
LMMp3   Loutto Mettsa Mp3 Download
TEFWSMT   Music Therapy CD Enchanted Forest Workshops
PArticleFin   Perhe Article
ADPL1-1-5   Practitioner Level 1- Training Thur 18th April Cork 2019
ADPL1-1-6   Practitioner Level 1- Training Thurs 10th Oct Cork 2019
ADPL1-1-3   Practitioner Level 1- Training Mayo Wed 28th August 2019
ADPL2018-3   Practitioner Level 1- Training Tues 17th Sept Dublin Senior Care
ADPL2-4   Practitioner Level 2 Dublin Fri 18th Sept 2019 Senior Care
ADPL2-3   Practitioner Level 2 Mayo Fri 28th June 2019 Senior Care
RPADW   Resource Pack - Alzheimer's & Dementia Workshop
TEFWSRS   Room Spray for Enchanted Forest Workshops
SnGWS   Seachtaine Na Gaelige Ceardlanna
SocTrain   Social & Child Care Training Scheduled Courses
TeachCourseStd   Teacher Training Scheduled Courses
TeachCourseBesSk   Teacher Training Tailored Group Courses
TEFAB   The Enchanted Forest Activity Book
TEFAP1   The Enchanted Forest Activity Pack A
TEFAP2   The Enchanted Forest Activity Pack B
TEFAP3   The Enchanted Forest Activity Pack C
TEFAP4   The Enchanted Forest Activity Pack D
TEFCDAB   The Enchanted Forest CD & Activity Book Pack
TEFCD   The Enchanted Forest CD English
TEFDVDMS   The Enchanted Forest DVD Music & Story
TEFDVDM   The Enchanted Forest DVD Music Only
TEFLibWS   The Enchanted Forest Library Workshops
TEFBSEMp3   The Enchanted Forest MP3 Bedtime Story Edition
TEFMp3   The Enchanted Forest MP3 Download English
TEFSTWS   The Enchanted Forest Storytelling Workshop
TEFGroupPack1   The Enchanted Group Pack 1 (10)
TEFGroupPack2   THe Enchanted Group Pack 2 (30)
TEFGroupPack3   THe Enchanted Group Pack 3 (50)
TEFGroupPack4   THe Enchanted Group Pack 4 (100)
MBRSTWS   The Magic Balloon Ride Storytelling Workshop
MBGWS   The Magic Bluebell Grove Storytelling Workshop
IgymstaffWS   Workshop Coordinator Training Course

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