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Secret Garden and Music Therapy Mix CD
Music Therapy CD Enchanted Forest Workshops
Price: €22.00

The Music Therapy CD is a special mix of selected tracks off Secret Garden's 'Songs for a Secret Garden' This mix best reflects the theme music behind the recording of the The Enchanted Forest. It is used on workshops in circumstances where it is best not to have a vocal track playing but you still want to maintain an ambiance similar to The Enchanted Forest. ImaginationGYM facilitators are taught when best to use the CD with Children and older people.
The music therapy CD also comes with a full CD recording of Secret Garden which can be used for personal use.
The Enchanted Forest DVD Music Only
The Enchanted Forest DVD Music Only
Price: €22.00

This 30 minute DVD uses images representing scenes from The Enchanted Forest story. It is accompanied by instrumental music only and does not include a voice over or SFX. It is best used by people who are familiar with the ImaginationGYM Method. Typically used as a visual activity for children and older people as alternative to TV or a as a music therapy.
Resources for Alzheimer's and Dementia ImaginationGYM workshops
Laminated Cards for Adult Care Workshops
Price: €22.00

This is a set of laminated cards with representative scenes from The Enchanted Forest Workshop. They are particularly useful for engaging Alzheimer's and Dementia clients. They provide an additional visual and tactile resource to aid in communication.

The price includes postage and packing.
Aromatherapy oils Alzheimer's Dementia
Essential Oils for Enchanted Forest Workshops
Price: €32.00

This set of four aromatherapy oils are used in elder care workshops and particularly for those with Alzheimer's and Dementia. They are chosen for The Enchanted Forest workshop only. Only use recommended oils as not all oils are suitable for different clients.

Price inclusive of shipping
Aromatherapy spray Alzheimer's Dementia
Room Spray for Enchanted Forest Workshops
Price: €34.00

This very special room spray is used in elder care workshops and particularly for those with Alzheimer's and Dementia. This particular aromatherapy room spray is chosen for The Enchanted Forest Workshop only. It is made from organic oils and herbs. Different Room Sprays are used for different workshops so always use the recommended one for maximum effect.

Postage and packaging included.
Aroma Diffuser ​Humidifier ​Night-Light
Aroma Diffuser, Humidifier and Night-Light
Price: €51.50

Aroma Diffuser

Creates a wonderfully
soothing atmosphere with soft changing colours and a calming stream of mist. The elegant design is suitable for any room and being almost silent it is perfect for use when sleeping. Add aromatherapy oils to further transform the experience.

Colour Changing LED Soft Night-Light creates an enjoyable tranquil ambiance – ideal for bedrooms or relaxing gatherings such as an ImaginationGYM workshop.

We choose this product because of its near silent running and its safety conformity. Other products we researched were too noisy when running or their power and safety requirements for bedrooms or nursing homes could not be validated to our satisfaction. Beware of cheap imitations.

Price includes courier delivery anywhere in Ireland


  • 7 Relaxing changing colours - the perfect gift for any home.
  • Near silent ultrasonic humidifier for cool fine mist.
  • Use with aromatherapy oils to pleasantly fill any room with your choice of natural aroma.
  • Long 5 hour run time with mist.
  • Night-light can be set to run all night.
  • 100 ml tank capacity.

  • Includes Irish/UK mains Adaptor.
Resource Pack  - Alzheimer's & Dementia Workshop
Resource Pack - Alzheimer's & Dementia Workshop
Price: €111.00

This resource pack is needed to run the activity Alzheimer's and Dementia workshop in Nursing Homes and Day Care Centres. Each pack consists of the following: Room Spray Aromatherapy Massage oils Music CD's ImaginationGYM CD Generally a pack will last approximately one year, but this is dependent on the number of workshops run and the size of the facility. The are no other ongoing overheads apart from optional re-certification of the facility every two years. Please note that the resource packs should not be used unless the facilitator has been on an ImaginationGYM approved training course as there are occasional circumstances under which the oils or spray should not be used.

This Pack is usually only handed out on training days so no postage has been included. Only one pack is needed per center, so for example if 3 personnel from the same center are attending a trianing course it would only be necessary to purchase one pack