Bright Child Productions Limited are the publishers of the ImaginationGym Methodology authored by Rosaleen Durkin & Peter Blackbyrne

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ImaginationGYM is a methodology used in storytelling, creativity, education, clinical and emotional wellbeing development. By harnessing the power of imagination in every child no child is left out and each child’s potential development is only limited by their imagination. This is why the ImaginationGYM methodology achieves some amazing results. Based around storytelling and creative activities the child is so fully engaged that it increases their power of concentration, focus, listening skills and above all centering and self awareness. This can lead to improved school performance, better self regulated behaviours and an increase in self confidence.

The ImaginationGYM method has been in development for over 10 years. It was always intended as an activity for both adults and chidren. We wanted a method that would increase communication between children and adults, but that would be enjoyable and beneficial to both. However over time our research brought us into only adult activities also. By adapting the methodology we have helped adults with stress and sleeping difficulties, businesses to increase the creative output of their employees and seniors to partake in creative activities such as drawing or digital media. The reason for this success is that the audio elements of the methodolgy help individuals to exercise their whole brain (left/right hemisphere) and to provide sychronisation between these parts at a very relaxed state. We will soon post videos on this site showing what is actually happening in the brain when you listen to an ImaginationGYM story.

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Mission Statement

ImaginationGYM® is committed to delivering products, training and a Methodology that contributes both to the educational and emotional well being development of the child. We are committed to making real changes in children’s lives by helping them access their full potential. We are committed to continuing research and development to insure that we provide educators, child carers and parents with the highest quality resources to help them achieve the best for the children in their domain. We are committed to delivering ImaginationGYM® to as many children as possible by providing products that are accessible in terms of usage, cost and language.

Bright Child Productions Limited are the publishers of the ImaginationGym Methodology authored by Rosaleen Durkin & Peter Blackbyrne. For publishing inquiries please contact

Review of the methodology from learning specialists working with children:

"Rosaleen and her partner Peter Blackbyrne have created a brilliant programme for children using visualisation and relaxation techniques. I know of its powerful use for children in mainstream schools as well as for individual children who are traumatised and in counselling. She has the most beautiful speaking voice and the training programme for teachers and health professionals is very thorough." Mary Mountstephen: Millfield Preparatory School, Somerset England.

"I believe the program has much to offer and can be of immense benefit in all schools. It is adaptable to meet the needs of pupils of all ages and I would highly recommend it." Former Director in the Institute of Child Care Research at Queen’s University, Belfast

"This is a product that I have found extremely beneficial for my three children including my son who has ADHD. I was extremely sceptical at first because years of medication and therapy have not had much of a positive impact on his standard of life or on our family's. But to my amazement, it actually worked. It did everything it claimed it would do and it didn't come with a box of pills...........It truly has been a small miracle worker in our home and the most positive intervention in our family to date. I would highly recommend it. There is more information available on this wonderful product at " Posted anonymously by a parent in the United States on an US chat site.