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The Enchanted Forest Storytelling MP3

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Storytelling Does your child love stories?

Is your child ready for the next step to becoming a master storyteller? If your child likes storytelling, The Enchanted Forest audio program is a must. It is suitable for children from 6 years old to adults of all ages. Expertly designed it stimulates the imagination so that your child can become their own master storyteller. Your child will unconsciously design their own story in minutes. Children love to listen to the story over and over because it brings them on a magical journey into their imagination. It can be different each time they listen.

.... great for bedtime to help restless children get to sleep. It is wonderful for parents too especially to help with personal relaxation. Listening to The Enchanted Forest is an activity that can done by all the family either together or separately. There are many additional benefits for parents and children, see below for more details. It is great for teaching children storytelling because the child contributes to the story (prompted by the narrator).
It helps a very logical child to go into their imagination and the overly imaginative child to put structure on their story. (Sometimes this is referred to as left/right brain integration). A child who gets practice at using their whole brain will find it easier to handle diverse subjects in school.
Created in Ireland, land of ancient storytellers and folklore, the story is full of archetypal references to help the listener ground into one of the most ancient forms of communication known to man.
Additional Information
  • Each story in the ImaginationGYM series has unique goals. The main ones in the Enchanted Forest are:

  • 1. To help children learn the art of storytelling. This is achieved by encouraging the child to make a positive contribution to the story. The main narrative is a guideline but the child is encouraged to complete each scene by using their own imagination e.g. what season is it or what color clothes are you wearing? A child will soon learn too that they can change the story each time they listen to it. In fact a regular listener will imagine parts of the story that they never thought of before. Improved creativity is a by product of the ImaginationGYM methodology. Children are not just learning words, but how to use them in a meaningful and emotional way.

  • 2. Nature awareness is a very important benefit of the story. Studies in the United States and around the World are showing that children are having less and less connection with nature on a daily basis. This is affecting their overall well being and academic achievement (I.Q.). This is a particular challenge for children living in urban areas. But studies have also shown that imagining a place can almost have the same impact on the brain as if we were actually experiencing it in real life. The Enchanted Forest story is designed to immerse the child in nature, through its structure and carefully recorded nature sounds, so that the child can have some of the benefits of being out in nature.

  • 3. Encouraging the child’s use of their whole brain. This is achieved by encouraging the child to activate both hemispheres of their brain at the same time. For example in the story you are asked to list 3 wishes on a piece of paper and hand them to a fairy. The act of listing something is numeric, sequential and logical, very much a left brain activity. But the art of picturing an imaginary fairy with whom you have to interact with is very much a right brain activity. The story is structured throughout so that the listening child is constantly practicing using their whole brain. This has many academic benefits, especially in the use of language. The basics of language are believed to be a left brain activity but the application of language using emotion and creativity is very much a right brain activity. So to be a really effective communicator or storyteller it is optimal to use your whole brain

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