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Practitioner Level 1- ONLINE Training Fri 20th May 2022
Elder/Senior Care Nurse Training

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This one day education & training programme is for staff working in continuing/residential care & day care settings for older people. The programme is only available for staff who have already completed the ‘Activity Therapy Staff Training – Alzheimer’s/Dementia’ two day programme (Nursing & Midwifery Board of Ireland category 1 approved) and who have been using the activity therapy in residential care & day care settings with a demonstrable consistency (minimum 4 months).

The programme teaches nurses an advanced level of theory which is behind the basic practices introduced in the original course, giving the practitioners a greater understanding of the science behind the methodology. The course also measures the participant’s level of ability in implementing the practical elements of the activity therapy such as massage and correct use of oils and sprays. A theory test is also presented at the end of the programme. On successful completion of the programme nurses will be approved to facilitate workshops in any residential care & day care setting for older people and will automatically credit their place of work as an approved ImaginationGYM place of practice for the duration of the nurses involvement.

Registered nurses will receive 5 training credits (cpd) for attendance on the course
Additional Information
  • Benefits and Conditions of being registered as a Practitioner:
    • Registered
    • Practitioners will benefit from on-going support and updates on the la
    • test research.
    • The place of work
    • will be listed and registered on the ImaginationGYM® website
    • The institution
    • /place of work of the Practitioners can list ImaginationGYM® as an
    • approved activity on any promotional material for the duration of the time
    • that the Practitioner works there.
    • The certification
    • goes with the Practitioner to any new place of employment and
    • ImaginationGYM® must be informed of any changes to update website
    • information.
    • On successful
    • completion of the training day and examinations the participants will be
    • able to update the training every 2 years by attending a ½ day course. Non
    • compliance with this will mean the certification registration will cease
    • and the Practitioner Level must be repeated. To remain registered it is
    • necessary to attend a half day update every two years otherwise the
    • Practitioner Level Training must be repeated.
    • ImaginationGYM®
    • staff can ask to visit and sit in on a session with 2 weeks prior notice to evaluate that the
    • guidelines are being adhered to, which ensures the on-going success and
    • adherence to the principles and methodology of the program in activity
    • therapy usage with older people.
    • Registered
    • Practitioner’s can work with ImaginationGYM® on a Commercial basis running
    • workshops in Hospitals, Nursing Home and Day care centres.
    • Participants will be
    • informed of examination results two weeks after the examination.
  • Course Overview:
  • The training day provides feedback and latest research in the use of the Level One programme
  • with older people.
  • The staff will also
  • achieve a higher level of knowledge and competency in the more advanced
  • theories underlining the methodology of ImaginationGYM, in particular: Flow
  • Theory
  • (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi), Brain Research
  • & Imagination and the benefits and theories behind Nature Awareness for
  • older people. There will be a written exam (one hour duration) and a practical
  • exam
  • (15-20min). There will also be revision time on the theory
  • and practice of the programme.

  • The Examination Outline:

  • The written exam (one hour duration) is a combination of
  • multiple choice questions (MCQ) and short answer questions. There are 20
  • questions in total. The written exam counts for 50% of the overall marks.
  • The
  • Practical exam (15-20min) consists of the participants utilising their skills
  • on ImaginationGYM® trainers, in order to demonstrate a competency in patient
  • interaction & communication, using the massage and aromatherapy techniques
  • taught on the course.
  • A
  • pass rate of 60% in both the written and practical exam is required for an
  • overall pass mark.
  • An
  • overall mark exceeding 70% will be denoted as a Credit
  • An
  • overall mark exceeding 85% will be denoted as a Distinction.
  • Participants
  • that have not reached the level of competency required for these two elements
  • may re-sit the exam at a future date.

  • For any queries please call Rosaleen on
  • 01-6753522

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