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Activity Therapy Workshops-Alzheimers/Dementia
Activity Therapy Workshops-Alzheimers/Dementia

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The Activity Therapy Workshops-Alzheimers/Dementia is designed specifically for this group and not suitable for active age participants. Please see 'Activity Therapy Workshops for Older People' for active age participants who are interested in imagination exercises and creativity.

We worked closely with one particular nursing/care home to see if we could provide a program that would deliver at least some stimulus to Alzheimers residents. We were not expecting very much but we were ultimately pleasantly surprised with some outcomes. We are improving the program all the time as our research continues and would look forward to working with other care and nursing homes. Here is an example of a typical outcome:


Report on “Tom Smith” and Imagination Gym Sessions in Ivy Ward Tom Smith was admitted to the Alzheimer’s Ward approximately 3 months ago.

He paced incessantly even to the point where staff were walking alongside him in order to feed him. He was encouraged to join in the activity programme which takes place in a separate room. During the first Imagination Gym session he merely walked round the room.

The second session saw an improvement with Tom remaining seated for 10 minutes while he had a shoulder massage. The session lasts approximately 30 minutes. We encourage patients to listen to the story of the Enchanted Forest with suitable oils/aromas in the room. The carers undertake massage – head, stress points between hairline and eyebrows, shoulders, upper arms and back. This is proving very relaxing particularly with patients who are restless and/or tired.

Tom stayed for the duration of the third session and was very relaxed at the end of it, although he did not remain seated for entire duration. He loves smells and is now associating them with the Imagination gym sessions, so will come in to the session with very little encouragement

The sessions are continuing on a weekly basis. Tom is starting to sit down and relax even if only for a few minutes. The general restlessness has calmed down somewhat. He is now sitting down for feeding. His verbal understanding is poor so we communicate through action and smell, so if he has an anxiety period, we can use these triggers to calm him.

The sessions as presently structured – story with smells and massage followed by relaxation CD – is really having a calming effect with up to half the group falling asleep. Normally these residents can be very uneasy and the sessions are obviously relaxing and calming. Sessions are taking place on a Friday morning weekly, prior to the weekend when no social activities are scheduled.

Following the writing of the above report, the carer undertook a l:l Imagination Gym with Tom, gave him a good massage resulting in Tom falling asleep to the point where he had to be woken to have his dinner! He had been asleep for over two hours, A definite success!

Activity Therapy Co-ordinator Hospital Co.Wexford, Ireland.
Name available upon request, Patients name a pseudonym

The staff in this hospital have been trained in the ImaginationGYM methodology

PRICING: The price of €120 is indicative of a typical workshop. Prices may vary by location,group size and quantity of workshops ordered. A workshop is a valuable way of evaluating the methodology for your own particular environment. Ultimately the methodology can be self sustaining within the nursing or care home.
Please call 00 353 1 6753522 or our country partner for further information.

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